“For years, people all across this great country have asked me to run for President, but nothing like this year. My decision to run for President of the United States of America came from a lack of choices. I’ve watched the debates and I thought to myself: “Is this what we have to choose from?” For 30 years I have traveled this country back and forth, up and down. I love you people and you have told me what you think is wrong and what you want to see change. So if you want me to do this, I will.

Ron White


Ron White signing the Statement Of Candidacy to run for President of the United States Of America.

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Let’s be smart about marijuana (for a change).

Justin Trudeau, Canada’s new Prime Minister, wants to legalize weed across the country and it seems like it’s a real possibility. I can live with Canada beating us at hockey, but it’s unacceptable that they should be ahead of the United States when it comes sensible marijuana laws.

If Canada legalizes pot before the U.S., how many more billions of dollars will it cost us to police weed from crossing a 4,000 mile long border? The U.S. government couldn’t stop weed getting here from Panama — good luck trying to stop smugglers from simply stepping over one of the longest borders in the World.

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Updated 12/15/2015


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